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Keep Your Company Moving Forward By Speaking Your Client's Language


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The process assesses the individual's current language skills, pairs their assessment to the language being studied, and creates daily grammar and fluency instruction to address specific client needs.

​We recognize the constant evolution of the business market and utilize the power of language to keep our affiliated companies connected to the world. Our professionals are fully prepared to provide custom group services. 


Our proprietary language process and certified instructors engage and guide your key personnel to experience language success and confidence during every training session.


We are committed to integrating customized work-related language instruction and support to the success of your business.

Language is not a barrier!  It is a bridge of support to crossover to learn another language.​​

-Barron E. White


Engage your key personnel in an on-site language acquisition program administered by ESL INTERNATIONAL's certified staff.

Our customized language training process is designed for the benefit of business clients who are needing English or Spanish training. 

Grammer Editing

Objective 1: Grammar

To implement the foundation for formal and 
informal language by incorporating proper grammatical usage for daily and work-related vocabulary and cognate awareness.

Speech Therapy Session

Objective 2: Pronunciation

Encourage the articulation of consonant and vowel sounds.  Enhance listening skills to improve pronunciation and fluency.

Study Group

Objective 3: Comprehension

To improve and reinforce comprehension using common and work-related terminologies, reading, and speaking.

Taking Notes

Objective 4: Conversations

To become more proficient in understanding spoken conversations.

Barron & Daen

The Dynamic Duo

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About El Paso's Morning Cup:

El Paso’s Morning Cup is a podcast production of ESL INTERNATIONAL, LLC. Creating discussions with CEO’s, Shakers, Movers, and Influencers in our community. We inform you of programs that will enhance your life and career. Let us bring you a smile, the sights and sounds of our community, and speaking to you about building a forward moving El Paso community.



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